Unlocking the Power of Human Design: A Journey into Self-Understanding

Hey, it’s been a while! Today I thought I would dive into the intricacies of my own human design and explore how it’s woven into the fabric of my life and business. Demonstrating how unlocking the power of human design has changed how I do things. Fresh off the buzz of being a guest expert at the Gloucester Business Show, where I delved into the realms of neurodiversity & personal wellbeing. I’m feeling compelled to share more about the uniqueness that unfolds when we explore the depths of our own individuality.

In the realm of neurodivergence, the beauty lies in its umbrella nature. The term itself, designed to capture the multiple facets that make each of us distinctly different. Much like human design, where the goal isn’t to confine, but to open up possibilities. I’m not a fan of labels or being put into boxes myself, so lets ditch them shall we?

Embracing the Quirks: Beyond the Labeling Game

Human design isn’t about limiting ourselves—it’s a cosmic conversation opener. It invites us to explore our quirks, understand the nuances, and find the reasoning behind our tendencies. Just like in life, where experiences shape us, human design gives us a language to decipher our energetic makeup.

In my own chart, I discovered layers of complexity. Just as neurodivergent conditions can be co-morbid, the same applies to human design. It’s not a one-size-fits-all; it’s an ever-evolving exploration. Dive into your chart, not to confine but to understand, to connect the dots between your energy and your actions.

Described as a Generator in traditional Human Design, an Alchemist in the Quantum Human Design™️ world. My strategy is to respond. A massive eye-opener for someone accustomed to making things happen. Exploring the nuances of what works and what doesn’t, understanding the energetics behind my choices, brought some real clarity & aha moments that reshaped my journey.

Initially frustrated in my entrepreneurial endeavours, I sought the perfect plan, the fail-proof strategy. But, with an open crown and ajna, I have realised that I need a light touch, autonomy, and the wisdom to discern what truly resonates with me.

Navigating the Waves: The Defined and Undefined Centers

With an open and undefined root center, I quite often find myself reaching out to external sources, searching for inspiration. A trait that, when unchecked, leads to analysis paralysis. Especially when you combine it with my open & undefined crown & ajna centres! I am learning to be more selective, to set better boundaries & honouring what truly aligns with my energy.

My defined emotional center (also my authority) revealed my responsibility in triggering emotions in others. Before I knew this, I could never understand why my husband or my kids would be so much more emotional or angry during MY time of the of the month! Not realising that they were absorbing my emotional energy, amplifying it & reflecting it back at me…I mean game changer or what!

Recognising this, I worked on & honed my own emotional intelligence, embracing the waves of my emotional journey. I have dialled up my self-care, mood tracking & general self-awareness, which has resulted in a much calmer household.

A Channel of Connection: Catalyst for Transformation

The channel of connection (gates 6-59), is a potent force in my chart, that brings depth to my coaching space. It has become a catalyst for transformation during our session, as I guide my clients to explore the layers beneath the surface. While not everyone resonates with my approach, I have learned to embrace that, understanding that I’m not here for everyone, and that’s perfectly okay.

My defined G center (self), is the core of my personality. It offers consistency in who I am, what you see is what you get, and a sense of direction. Paired with a defined sacral center, when I am creating from a place of joy & fun, I become more magnetic. Understanding these aspects of myself has allowed me to have fun in the work that I do. I held on too long to the conditioned beliefs that we have to ‘work hard’ in order to be rewarded. That’s not to say that I don’t work hard, it’s just that the work I do no longer feels hard. I no longer feel like I’m hustling or swimming upstream, there is more alignment & flow to what I do & how I do it.

Transformational Coaching: Embracing the Uniqueness

As a coach, unlocking the power of my human design unfolded a unique coaching style, which has evolved into my signature Energetic Mastery Method™️. Blending human design with coaching & other modalities enables me to harness my superpowers’, to take you on a journey and catalyse powerful transformations.

If you’re curious about your own human design, I do offer 1:1 chart readings. You can find out about the different readings I do here. For more insightful conversations & connection, come and join my Facebook group, “The Energetics of Being.”

Embrace your uniqueness, honour your quirks, and allow your strategy & authority guide you towards realising your true potential!

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