When Are You At Your Best?

Human Design Chart - understand when you are at your best

When it comes to Human Design, you are at your best when you are following the correct strategy for your energy type.

No matter what our energy type is, we all have a unique way of harnessing our own powerful energy and way of being. In HD terms, this is known as strategy. When we know (and act in alignment with) our strategy, we start to use our energy in the best possible way.

When you get on board with your strategy, you respond rather than react. As the name suggests, it means you are being strategic with your energy and your powers. When you harness this, you can get real clarity on what is right for you. So, what is your strategy, and how can you make sure your next decision is the right one?

Generators – To Respond (with high energy)

“I work hard on the things that light me up!”

You are the world’s builders. You are designed to see challenges and respond to them with your eagerness and amazing energy. While you have ideas, you like to wait for an external stimulus so you can check in with your gut (sacral) energy and make a yes/no decision based on your instinct.

Manifesting Generators –  To Respond (with shortcuts)

“I find new ways to create, and then I’ll share it and inspire others.”

A mani-gen finds the quickest way to greatness. You love to try new things, see what works, make the most from everything and quickly find your way to true mastery. You make your best decision by putting things out there, waiting for a reaction from your sacral energy and then telling the world what you’re doing.

Manifestors – To Inform

“I creating my own destiny.”

You are a trail-blazer. As you’re at the head of the pack, you like to tell people what you’re doing and lead the way. Your approach of telling others isn’t to gain consent or seek advice or permission. Instead, it’s letting people know what you’re doing. This can help you as you may get so caught up in what you’re doing that you forget to let others know what’s going on.

Projectors – To Wait For The Invite

“The right things will come to me when I wait and feel recognised.”

You are full of wisdom, and those around you know it. As a result, a projector strategy works best when you watch and wait for those to come to you. You don’t want to share knowledge with those who aren’t receptive. So, look for the invitations, wait until you are recognised, and, only then, share your gift with the world.

Reflectors – To Wait For 28 Days

“If I’m still excited after the dust settles, this is right for me.”

You are a powerful being that shines a light on the world and what is happening around you. To check when something is right or out of balance, you need to consider the whole situation. Wait for 28 days (a full lunar cycle) to make decisions that are truly right for you. The right decision will come to you once you’ve fully assessed what goes on around you.

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