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Hi I'm Sarah,

Certified Energetic Alignment Coach, Neurodivergent Specialist Coach, Certified Online Business Consultant, Conscious Energy Clearing Practitioner, Akashic Records Practitioner & Quantum Human Design™️ Specialist.


Using my signature Energetic Mastery Method, I guide you on a transformation journey to create alignment in both your life & your business. 

We go deep into your conscious & unconscious conditioning, clear your energy blocks & create your unique blueprint, so that you can embody your TRUE self.

In simple terms, I'll help you shift the negative BS you have come to believe about yourself, so that you can embrace your true magnificence & create your own success.

You are worthy & deserving of everything you want out of this life.  Deep down you already know there is more out there for you, are you ready?

What my clients say...

"I feel more resilient and am able to process my emotions more effectively in order to achieve balance.

I am learning to work in alignment with my Human Design."

Daphne Edwards

"EVERYONE who knows me has seen a total behaviour transformation!  I am calmer, more composed and able to go with the flow.

I feel like my energy went from crazed and desperate to being at ease and accepting without expectation."

Steph Benfield

"Sarah doesn't just look at things conceptually, she takes the time to really understand you and your situation/challenges/aspirations and studies tirelessly to help you find solutions and a path forward.  Each session was bespoke to me and I felt completely at ease talking about a multitude of subjects, some of which I didn't realise were connected until after working with Sarah. Since working with Sarah I've moved from London to the South Coast, switched jobs and spent a year working 4 days instead of 5, life is pretty good!"

Matthew Billing

"I recently had a coaching session with Sarah on Human Design and it was so enlightening. She is extremely knowledgeable on such a complex theory, but can apply it with perception to the individual. highly recommend to anyone interested in exploring their own human design."

Siobhan Godden 

"Sarah was able to explain the intricacies of my chart in detail and it's clear that she has a true passion for understanding Human Design herself and helping others to understand too.

I absolutely recommend Sarah if this is something that intrigues you - Sarah is a coach who can work with you on using your Human Design to help you maximise your potential."

Fay Blakey

"Since working with Sarah, I know for sure that I am doing the right work.  I am more confident in listening to my instinctive reactions - and I've learnt to wait before I respond to see if it stays the same!

I listen to myself & what I need more.  I always did this in a more general sense, but I am now doing it in relation to my business and what it needs.  I am being more selective about who I listen to around me in a much more helpful way now & moving away from people who aren't serving me."

Sue Tappenden

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