How often do you trust your intuition?

‘Let your intuition guide you’ Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

How often do you trust your intuition when making decisions? Intuition is such a powerful tool, but so often, we’re conditioned to ignore those immediate feelings.
We wait for logic and reason and the ‘thinking’ part of the brain to assess the situation. However,
more often than not, you knew the answer from the very beginning.

What is intuition?

Intuition is a very real psychological process. Every single one of us has intuition, but some people
listen to it more than others. The more we practise trusting our intuition, the sharper it gets.
We can think of intuition as your immediate operating system. It is the subconscious level that draws
upon past experiences and patterns to make a snap decision. This processing can all happen without
you even noticing; it barely registers in conscious awareness.
If you’re not used to listening for this gut instinct, you’re likely waiting for your analytical and
deliberate operating system to kick into gear.

Is intuition a myth?

Nope! A few years ago, scientists tested intuition with two decks of cards. One was rigged for big
wins and big losses; the other had smaller wins but fewer losses. After playing fifty cards, players
said they had a hunch about which deck was safer. After playing eighty cards, the participants could
explain the difference. However, after just ten cards, the sweat glands on their palms began opening
whenever they touched the dangerous deck.
This study shows that their body intuitively knew the safer deck without any conscious awareness.

Is intuition a gift?

There are some key indicators in terms of Human Design that you might have naturally heightened
intuitive abilities. Three things I look for in an HD chart that can show strong intuition are:

  1. Defined Spleen – Those with a defined spleen can often get pings of intuition, like a
    notification on your phone. Often, these pings can feel like a warning sign or a directional
  2. Inner Truth (Gate 61) – Gate 61 is at the top of the head, and if this gate is defined, intuition
    or inner knowing is one of your natural abilities. With this, your intuition will be more
    powerful when you speak your truth.
  3. Undefined Emotional Centre – If your emotional centre is undefined or open, you may
    naturally be an emotional empath. This ability to absorb information from the outside world
    helps increase your subconscious ability to recognise patterns and increase your intuition.

Even if you don’t have these three traits, there are many other aspects of your HD that can indicate
how your intuition works for you.

Can you enhance your intuition?

If you’re looking to sharpen your intuition, here are a few things you can do:

  • Check your energy levels – Does something make you feel drained or lively? If being around
    something or someone seems to suck the life out of you, your intuition could be trying to
    tell you something.
  • Follow through – Those ‘a-ha’ moments that come out of nowhere, such as ‘I must call that
    person’, are often your intuition calling. If you can’t action it straightaway, write it down, so
    you don’t lose that moment.
  • Use quiet time – Just a few minutes of quiet each day can help you tune into your intuition
    and quieten the noise and influence of others around you.

If you want to find out more about sharpening your intuition to keep your life in alignment with who
you truly are, I can help. Start today with a 90-minute Human Design reading, or to live your life with
full alignment, I offer 1:1 coaching where we can dig deep into your purpose and find the right way
for you to live an intuitive life.

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