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What is Human Design?

Sarah Atkins Human Design Bodygraph

Human Design is the science of differentiation.

Bringing together ancient wisdoms such as astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah & the Chakra system combined with modern sciences such as; human biology, epigenetics and quantum physics.

Human Design knowledge is sweeping across the globe.

Helping you learn to love yourself, improve your self-esteem, live authentically, consciously choosing to act with awareness, purpose and courage.

Human Design gifts you an opportunity to learn how to leverage your energy correctly.  Gaining awareness of your own conditioning (both good & bad) so that you can consciously choose to let go of what no longer serves you.  Helping you to shift your energy & move away from frustration, overwhelm or burn out.

How does it work?

Your personal Human Design body chart is calculated from your birth data. This provides very specific information about your personality traits, your health, your personal psychology and your unique energy flow.

Your chart will help you discover, and differentiate between the energy you create, versus the energy you absorb from the world around you. With an understanding of your Human Design type, strategy and authority, you can start making powerful decisions that will help you create a life that is in alignment with who you truly are.

What difference will knowing your Human Design make?


- Feeling so in tune with your your life & business, that you KNOW EXACTLY who you are, what you’re meant to be doing & where you are headed;

- Feeling energised, motivated & inspired to take action;

- Making powerfully aligned decisions that you KNOW will have a positive impact in your life & business;

- Being able to break free of the conditioning that is holding you back from expressing your AUTHENTIC self & fulfilling your POTENTIAL.

Venn Diagram of the Energetic Mastery Method
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