I used to describe myself as a 'Jack of all Trades, Master of none', but now I know that my depth & breadth of experience is my 'superpower'!

Almost 20 years working in the fashion industry, for well known brands such as Topshop & Monsoon, I am also a qualified teacher, an ICF accredited coach, coach trainer and assessor.

Trained in pure coaching methodologies, I am ICF accredited and a qualified DISC profiling practitioner. As well as traditional approaches to coaching, I use Human Design as a tool to discover who you were designed to BE. Then using a blend of neuroscience & positive psychology, we can work through the deconditioning process, create new habits & new ways of being.

In simple terms, I'll help you shift the negative BS you have come to believe about yourself, so that you can embrace your true magnificence & create your own success.

You are worthy & deserving of everything you want out of this life. Deep down you already know there is more out there for you, are you ready?

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Work with Me

My soul mission is to support you to discover who you truly are, there are a couple of ways I can do this...

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This is for you if you are feeling stuck or out of alignment.   

We'll explore your unique energetic blueprint, identify your superpowers & the ways your energy is designed to flow.  We will dig deep & explore where you might be out of integrity with yourself.

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This is for you if you are looking for ongoing support living in alignment through Human Design. 

The Alignment Studio is a community of coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs & creative freelancers that have an interest in leveraging their Human Design.  



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