Align & Design your perfect 2022 (1)

This workshop is for you if you are already feeling fed up or frustrated that 2022 hasn't quite started out the way you planned in your last goal setting session.

You are UNIQUE so it stands to reason that your 2022 experience will be too!

You will learn how to...

Use the unique gifts of your Energy type to realign your strategy for 2022

Harness the power of your defined centers & maximise your impact

Create your own powerful affirmations to carry with you through 2022

Trust your authority & make powerful decisions that are right for YOU

Utilise your undefined centers to maximise your potential for learning 

Use tips & strategies to stay aligned with your design

When and where is it?

The LIVE workshop will be on Wednesday 16th February at 7pm UTC

Don't worry if you can't make it live, everyone that registers will get sent a copy of the recording, so you will still be able to Align by your Human Design your 2022 in your own time!

This will especially suit you if you have a lot of openness in your chart or if you have an Emotional or Lunar Authority - the gift of time!